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Audi A4 45TDI 3.0 DCPE DCPC Bosch MD1_CP004 – original, stage 1
Audi A7 3.0 TFSI DLZA Bosch MG1CS002 – original, stage 2
BMW 530e G12 B58B30M1 3.0 Bosch MG1CS003 – original, stage 2
Lamborghini Urus 4.0 V8 Turbo DHUA Bosch MG1CS008 – original, stage 2
Mercedes AMG GT43 AMG 3.0 Bosch MG1CP002 – Original ( 363hp/523Nm), stage 2, stage 2 + NO GPF/OPF ( 423hp / 574Nm)
BMW X5 40i G05 B58B30M1 3.0 Bosch MG1CS201 – Original, stage 2, stage 2 + pop&bang, stage 2 + pop&bang on sport button
Ford Focus 1.0 STCI 2019 Bosch MG1CS017 – original, stage 2
Volkswagen Touran 1.5 TFS DADA Bosch MG1CS011 – Original, stage 2
Seat Leon 1.5 TFS DPCA Bosch MG1CS011IFX – original, stage 1
Porsche 992 3.0DFI Turbo DKCA Bosch MG1CP007 – original, stage 2