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ZIPtuning file service:

Fast, reliable & reasonably priced

We provide quality tuning files and 100% tested DPF & EGR off solutions. For six days a week we have four dedicated engineers working on our file service.


All tuning calibrations are damos based and developed on dyno after consistent datalogging and testing.


You can communicate directly with engineers via Skype and we work with a support system where all comments will be handled properly.

The file service is open from Monday until Saturday from 08.00 AM – 08.00 PM.

All tuning files will be delivered within 30 minutes after uploading and buying sufficient credits. Special request and sensor deletion can take longer. Normally DPF and EGR off files will be ready within 30 minutes as well but due the large variety of software versions it might take longer.

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Enjoy our expertise and support with our file service

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