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Revolution for all Slave Tool Owners

CMD just introduced its latest product which is an Unrestricted Slave Tool, slated to revolutionize the tuning business by bringing previously unseen possibilities to slave tool owners.

In short, the unrestricted CMD Slave Tool lets you send your files to any Master tool you want.
Let’s see what this actually means.

How Slave Tools Usually Work

Basically, what you can do with the old CMD Flash tool and most other tuning tools from the top manufacturers is the following:

cmdflash slave tool workflow

  • You can read the original .dat file from the ECU and send it to the Master tool you are connected to
  • You can write the .dat file you get from the Master tool you are connected to into the ECU
  • You can only communicate with the one Master tool you are connected to
  • In most cases, there is no need to take out the ECU, open it or weld anything – everything is done through OBD port
  • It supports BDM, EOBD K-LINE, EOBD CAN-BUS, DoiP ENET and EOBD PWM for all the new generation ECUs
  • You can do this for a very large number of cars in the ever expanding list of compatible vehicles and ECUs
  • All the control of the file development and tuning is in the hands of the Master tool. Slave tools cannot even ‘see’ the inside of the file as it is encrypted. They can only read and write the file into the ECU

Why CMD Flash Unrestricted Slave Tool Is Different

While the above way of tuning using Slave tools is a very efficient way of operating that has been driving the tuning industry for a long time and that made CMD Flash one of the leading names in the industry, the new CMD Flash Unrestricted Slave Tool removes one of the main limitations of the old system.

Master tools still have control over the development and fine tuning of the files, preserving the security, but what Slave Tool owners can do now is use the services of ANY Master tool.

This means that the still encrypted files can be sent to any file developer, thus giving you the option to choose the best solution for any given circumstances, without compromising on the quality, price, availability and turnaround time.

  • If your standard files provider is unavailable during a certain period, you don’t have to wait
  • If your standard provider does not offer tuning files for the latest models, you can use files from another reliable provider
  • If you want to test other files providers, you can do so without any restrictions
  • If you put more trust into certain providers for certain brands, you can use their services for those brands only
  • If you need fast turnaround around the clock, you can use services from files providers located in different parts of the world
  • If certain types of files are more affordable from one provider and other types from another, you can combine their services for the best cost efficiency

NOTE: Make sure you only buy files from reliable tuners with lots of experience, Stage 3 projects available (this means they have extensive knowledge of the limits of the OEM hardware which means they can develop completely safe Stage 1 tuning files) and direct support.

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