Launch Control (Manual Transmission)

Efficiently launching a car with a manual gearbox often requires more skill than launching an automatic, but it also comes with an inherent issue of waiting for the turbo boost to build up. While many automatic gearboxes have launch control modes that allow boost buildup while the car is stationary, manuals are mostly devoid of such functionality. This means that they waste some time off the mark while turbo spools up to provide the required boost.

However, our tuning for manual gearbox launch control enables you to enjoy the benefits of launch control even on manuals.

Launch Control (Manual Transmission)

After our tuning, all you need to do to eliminate the turbo lag and enjoy lightning fast acceleration is hold the throttle and clutch at the same time. Revs will rise to the level we set and not exceed it, giving you the desired boost without going too far and waste time on excessive wheel spin.

Once you are ready to shoot off, simply release the clutch and experience the immediate boost from the prepared turbo and total control of the predefined RPM limit.

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