Automatic file service 24 hours / 7 days a week!

In a hurry? You don’t have to wait to download our high-quality tuning files anymore with our automated files service.

Upload your original file, wait for ca 120 seconds and then download your tuning file immediately!

Time is money!

This is how it works!

Steps for Automatic file service

  • Login or Create an account
  • Once logged in, click on File service
  • Select AUTOMATIC
  • Select the tuning type you want
  • Click the Upload file box to select your file, or drag your file onto it
  • Click Upload to start the process
  • This process is automated and takes around 120 seconds
  • If our smart robot engineer can make it, it will be shown in the result page
  • Download the file
  • Flash it into the vehicle and make sure your tool does correct checksum
  • DRIVE!

Can’t find the file you need? You can always forward your file to the custom file service.

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