Transmission Tuning/TCU Tuning

Automatic gearboxes have electronic control units that determine the way they work. These computers are equipped with softwares that determine shifting times, redline, launch control settings, shift harshness, modes differences and selection, torque limiters and much more. Transmission tuning can benefit each of these aspects.

Adjusting the software allows us to provide you with significant changes in the way your gearbox works. Just some of the changes include the following:

  • Redline adjustment
  • Shifting time reduction
  • Downshifting during deceleration
  • Rev limits adjustment
  • Manual mode delay adjustment
  • Launch control revs adjustment
  • Improvement in shifting smoothness
  • Optimizing automatic transmission modes to suit your driving style
  • Increase in torque limitations

as well as many different changes designed specially upon your request to make your gearbox work the way you want.

Learn more about the different types of gearboxes, the ways they work and the specific ways tuning can improve their operation HERE

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