What is WinOLS?

This is an application for editing ECU software developed by EVC and has become the industry standard. It has, for many years, been the best hex-editor on the market for professional tuners. Now EVC expanded Winols with the reseller plugin, which enables other users to download the ZIP-developed tuning file projects from our OLSx database.

  • Tuning files for car, bike, trucks and agriculture
  • Mappacks
  • Super mappacks

Ziptuning – Winols OLSx reseller

Largest tuning file data base
With 45.000 tuning file projects in we are (among) the biggest suppliers of olsx project in EVC Winols reseller system.

Always update to date
All projects are verified and tested tuning files. We are updating the database with approximately 1000 files a month.

Connect to Winols reseller
You can connect to our file service here
You will be automatically connected and you can buy directly credits and tuning files.

Support & warranty
We give full support if a project doesn’t give the expected result free of charge.

How to connect our OLSx database?

  • Please register to our website and fill in your WinOLS customer number during registration.
  • When you already have an account you can just send us an email with your WinOLS customer number.
  • We will add your customer number to the database as quickly as possible. Please do not forget to update and buy some credits.

If you do not use Winols, check here for our automatic or custom file Service.

Official user and reseller of Winols: 11854