New MAGPro2 BDM MPC5xx SLAVE Plugin


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The MAGPro2 BDM MPC5xx enables reading, programming, backing up and restoring ECU components via Motorola Microprocessor Series MPCXX. In short, it enables tuning of a great number of different vehicles including cars, motorcycles, tractors and trucks.

Working with the MAGPro2 BDM MPC5xx requires no soldering in order to connect. The connection is established through special cables and an optional bench with adapters.

Total collection of content on the ECU is delivered in a single file and the file provides a reliable readout due to a software check that is built in. While writing, checksum is adjusted automatically, which, in combination with the software check, always allows you to restore the stock file in the ECU.

This tool even allows you to use the same software in a different hardware in case the original hardware gets damaged. This is done through the Backup/Restore function.

Lastly, BDM MPC5xx can be used as an additional module with MAGPro2 X17 and MAGPro2 T-BOOT.