K-TAG Slave (Tool)


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K-TAG Slave tool allows you to connect to the Master version of the tool and use their benefits. This connection allows private information sharing and reliable tuning files.

Very importantly, the interface is very intuitive and receiving and writing files is a breeze. All updates to protocols of Master tools are also found on Slave versions, so your tool is always up to date.
K-TAG Slave tool gives you the opportunity to tune a wide variety of vehicles. You will not be limited by microprocessors, as K-TAG is compatible with 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors.

Full backup and restore features are essential for safe tuning operation. K-TAG also allows reading and writing of individual processors, FLASH memory and EEPROM, as well as removal of write protection that enables flashing via OBD.

One of the most user-friendly features of the K-TAG is K-Suite which gives access to the latest manuals for each protocol, while choosing the vehicle or ECU you want to tune. This means that checksum adjustments and procedures are always at hand regardless of the ECU you are working on.